Our Story

Calvary Genesee all started with a few faithful saints praying. In late winter of 2013 a local denominational church was praying for a change.  A small group of people had been listening to Calvary teachings on the radio, and so desired for that kind of teaching to be brought to the Caledonia-Mumford area. They sought the Lord and called Calvary Chapel Finger Lakes to ask for a Pastor.

Pastor Walt and his family had been a part of Calvary Chapel Finger Lakes for almost 20 years and had been seeking the Lord for His leading.  When asked by his Pastor if he knew where Mumford was, Pastor Walt was able to say that he had been praying over that specific area just days prior.

He began that spring, teaching from the book of Genesis and the Gospel of John, line upon line precept upon precept. This is one way that Calvary Genesee is distinctly different from many other fellowships in the area. And so, we continue, line by line, chapter by chapter, book by book.

In 2016 Pastor Walt and his family moved from Victor to Leroy and are now blessed to be living among the people they are called to serve.  Soon following we moved on from the fire hall where we had been meeting since we began. We are now meeting in a space on the Leroy side of Caledonia. A long time ago the building was used for buying and selling sheep, goats and cattle. The sheep were purchased by someone looking down from above willing to pay the highest price. Well, that space is once again filling up with sheep bought with a price by someone looking down from above.

Our church family has grown over the years, and our commitment to teaching the Word of God faithfully has continued. It is the Word of God that changes people and makes us more like Jesus.  With the Holy Spirit guiding our fellowship we look forward to what the Lord has in store in the coming years.